PRP Hair Restoration (Series of 4 Treatments)


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PRP Hair Restoration for Men and Women

It’s possible to restore your thinning hairline and enjoy a fuller head of hair without surgery or chemicals! PRP or “Platelet-Rich Plasma” hair restoration in Tulsa is a minimally-invasive treatment that can stimulate hair growth using natural revitalizing agents from your own body. PRP is a concentrated portion of your blood containing potent growth factors, which speed healing and boost the health and vitality of cells. PRP has been used medically for decades, but has recently been rediscovered as a highly-effective cosmetic tool that provides impressive benefits without side effects or downtime.

PRP hair restoration involves 3 simple steps:

  1. We first draw your blood in our medical spa and apply a topical numbing agent to your treatment area to ensure your comfort.
  2. We separate PRP from your blood using a centrifuge, a special machine that spins your blood to isolate the vital growth proteins.
  3. We then inject PRP into targeted areas of your scalp to revive dormant hair follicles and trigger new hair growth in the months to come.

Frequently Asked Questions about PRP Hair Restoration:

How long does it take to see results with PRP hair growth treatments?

Hair growth is a slow process, so it shouldn’t be surprising to learn that PRP works gradually in the weeks and months following treatments to produce noticeable results.

How many PRP hair treatments will I need?

Your specific treatment regimen will depend on a number of factors, including the amount and location of hair loss and your desired results. Some patients choose to undergo a series of four treatments performed once a month to spur more dramatic hair growth, while others may opt for a treatment every few months. We will devise your ideal treatment plan during your consultation.

Is PRP hair restoration right for me?

Hair loss has many causes, and not every type of hair loss can be corrected with PRP. We will help you determine if PRP is an ideal hair restoration method for you during your consultation.

How effective is PRP hair restoration? Does PRP really work?

Yes, PRP works! Skin Care Institute is the leading medical spa in Tulsa for providing the highest level of service with the biggest benefits. PRP hair restoration is clinically proven to be a highly effective hair-growth treatment. Every person responds differently to treatment, however, so we cannot promise exact results.

Does PRP hair restoration hurt?

No. PRP is a well-tolerated treatment. To ensure your comfort, we will numb your scalp prior to treatment with a topical numbing agent.

Are there any side effects with PRP hair growth?

You may experience some swelling and possible pinpoint bleeding at the sites of injection, but these common side effects resolve in the hours after treatment. Because PRP is from your own body, there’s no risk of an adverse reaction or allergy.

Is there any downtime with PRP hair growth?

No. You will be able to resume your regular activities immediately following treatment.

How can I get started with PRP hair restoration in Tulsa at Skin Care Institute?

It’s easy! Call 918.948.9639 to schedule your consultation today.