Diode Treatment - 30 Minutes


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The Diode 532 nm laser has revolutionized the treatment of vascular and pigmented lesion offering safe and effective, nontraumatic treatment. Vascular lesions that respond well are:

  • Spider telangiectasias-Enlarged capillary vessels.
  • Cherry angiomas-Raised, red moles filled with blood vessels.
  • Rosacea-Enlarged blood vessels around the nose and cheeks causing a sunburned or embarrassed look.

Pigmented lesions responding well are:

  • Lentigines-Flat brown spots on the skin (liver spots).
  • Keratoses-Slightly scaly, pigmented spots.
  • Freckles-Brownish spots, common on fair skinned individuals
  • Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra-Small black keratoses seen primarily on people of Asian or African descent.

Diode laser treatments offer excellent and consistent outcomes with minimal to no discoloration, swelling or discomfort.